Scott McCulloch Memorialized At Montana Capitol

April 12, 2021 / Comments (1)


On September 9th of last year, the MFPE family lost long-time union member, leader, and field consultant Scott T. McCulloch. Scott was an educator before being elected as President of the Billings Education Association in 1995. Since 1999, Scott had served as an MFPE field consultant in the Billings area.

In addition to being an educator and union leader, Scott represented Billings in the 1993 and 1995 Montana Legislatures. Over the weekend, our dear friend and union brother was memorialized at the Montana Capitol by former State Representative Wanda Grinde.

Grinde’s remarks can be seen here:


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Scott McCulloch Memorialized At Montana Capitol

  1. Steven McCulloch says:

    Scott McCulloch was a great educator, a super friend, and an amazing brother. There are some people in life who are like musicians in a musical band. Scott was the band. He was the dude. Great wisdom and direction. Someone to reliably follow. He knew his stuff, and he rocked hard.
    So tasty. You are a very lucky person if you got to know my brother.

    brother Steven

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