Our MFPE Family Stands with Rep. Zephyr

April 24, 2023 / Comments (12)


In both our professions and our politics, our MFPE family is incredibly diverse. Shared respect binds us together in our continual fight for better wages, benefits, and working conditions. We not only respect our differences, we embrace them. Our union is a democracy, and every member’s voice is heard and respected.

One of our members, Zooey Zephyr, happens to serve House District 100 in the legislature. Rep. Zephyr and the over 10,000 Montanans she represents are being silenced by Speaker Matt Regier. It is un-democratic, and our MFPE family has Zooey’s back.

Please sign this letter asking Speaker Regier to honor Representative Zephyr’s responsibility to speak for her constituents: MFPE.org/ImWithZooey

Petition Delivery Day 1 (3,200 Montana signatories):

Petition Delivery Day 2 (1,000+ signatories from across the country):

Petition Delivery Day 3 (1,300 more Montana signatories):

Petition Delivery Days 4 & 5


12 Responses to :
Our MFPE Family Stands with Rep. Zephyr

  1. Michael D. McLean says:

    Silencing voices is undemocratic. Purposely misgendering transgender people is hate.

  2. Troy D Bertelsen says:

    Really Well Done Amanda and MFPE!! These republican distractors will think twice before they pull this stunt again, especially after they all get voted out! Can you tell I am an optimist!!

  3. Maryann Parker says:

    Thank you for standing up for democracy, our MFPE sisters and brothers, and my representative Zooey Zephyr.

  4. Laura Cova says:

    I stand with Zooey! She has the right to speak and to be heard! Legislators should be aware of how their decisions will affect Montanans!

  5. Jennifer Ferguson says:

    As a voter, I expect to be represented by my elected official. My elected official has the right to a voice and a presence in the legislature just as those whose view and interests are at odds with my own have the right to participate fully in the legislative process. Representative Zephyr brings a much needed voice to the Legislative body. There are young people in our families and communities who are being made to feel increasingly unsafe in our state. The risks to gender-nonconforming Montanans are real, and those of us who know and care for them are appalled. I wish more legislators would speak out against anti-trans legislation! Actions to censor Representative Zephyr are acts of undemocratic and bigoted showmanship. We have had enough.

  6. Marita Combs says:

    Onward Zooey!

  7. Valerie Quintrell says:

    Protect trans kids from these laws that seek to discriminate, let her speak!!

  8. Michael Dean says:

    I stand with Zooey.

  9. Jill Roberts says:

    I support Zoey and democracy. Let her speak.

  10. Colleen Holzheimer says:

    Mr. Speaker,. I am completely opposed to the consequence you chose for Zoey Zephyr. The punishment doesn’t fit the crime that you perceive. There could have been adequate consequences without you, deciding that she should not exist. What you perceive as a problem is not going away, and will only insight more people to support her

  11. Jo Strand says:


  12. Jerilyn Lessley says:

    I agree with her. These kids need all the support e can give them.

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